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Richard Shepherd is a writer based in Kentish Town, London. I studied Drama and English at Goldsmiths College and have an M.A. in Field Archaeology from UCL. My research interests are WWI (I am currently writing a creative non-fiction book based on my family’s war time experience), and local history – mainly local to Berkhamsted, the town I grew up in. I’m also researching the struggle to preserve common land in the teeth of the Victorian enclosure movement. This is not an arid historical debate. Land ownership, partly thanks to Guy Shrubsole’s excellent book, is now very much back under scrutiny, at least in North London.

This blog is a record of passing thoughts. Nothing wrong in setting the bar quite low – experimental, tentative, not over-researched. Walks and books. Who knows, perhaps a song?

Oh, and I haven’t got a dog. In March 2019 I was diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The dog in ‘Shepherd & Dog’ is mythological, and my companion for years. He is a mongrel, almost certainly part wolf. He is autism’s evil twin. At least, my autism, which is the only one I’m even vaguely qualified to write about.