#antisocial media

I had a quick look at Wikipedia to see how old Facebook was. I wanted to boast that I’d had a web presence before them and would have one after. And well, it’s a close call, but I probably still can. We both went live on February 4th 2004. Given that the UK is several hours ahead, I think I win by a nose.

We don’t have much else in common. Facebook reckons to have 2 billion active users – or it did before the Cambridge Analytica debacle. I lost half my readership last year when my mum died.

You don’t want to know what I may or may not think of facebook but I will tell you anyway.

I liked: keeping in vague touch with friends and family.
I disliked: everything else.

I suspect my motives in removing myself from facebook are not wholly sensible ones, so I shan’t rehearse them here.

When I look back at my own web pages from 2004 I’m a bit embarrassed. But I will keep them there. They will be in some net archive somewhere whether I like it or not. They signify, at least, a desire to write which is actually half the battle. I was hampered by fear of failure, self-consciousness and the rooky error of the belief that everything you write has to be profound or funny. Sort of the opposite of Facebook, then.


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