Bushey Circular-101006


Dear  Harry & Elinor,
crossed the border today & visited the Rose Garden. Do you remember the cloisters? It’s fantastic – and the locals are still friendly (providing you dress down & don’t stare at them). In the afternoon I did a circuit via Aldenham etc. Took photos rather than sketched. Plus ça change. Long hedgerow of hawthorne caught low Autumn sun and the haws lit up like landing lights. Then I realized they were landing lights. But not before the undercarriage of a Cessna Mk IV had plucked the toupé off my head and disappeared with it into the blue over W’ford. Also saw Redstarts writing a silent symphony on the electricity cables 400 yds from the noisy M1. Seems like everybody’s on the move except yrs. truly.


Harry Goffey (1871-1951); Elinor Goffey née Semple (1871-1950) were both students of Herkomer at Bushey.

The Bushey Rose Garden was designed by Thomas Mawson (who also designed the Hill Garden, now part of Hampstead Heath, for Lord Leverhulme) for Herkomer in 1913. Herkomer’s fantastic house, Lulu Laund, was, with the exception of the porch, demolished just prior to WWII. Masonry from the demolition, a pamphlet produced by the Friends of the Rose Garden and Bushey Museum says, went as hardcore to build Bovingdon Airfield. The cloisters were originally part of the Art School.


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