Ol’ Blue Eyes

Saturday 26 October, 2019

I promised Frank to share this on social meeja. So I have. ‘Sinatra: Raw’ at Wilton’s Music Hall. I went on Thursday night (24 Oct). It’s a great venue and a great gig.

I didn’t know he was a Democrat. I thought I knew about the mob connections, but as Frank himself explained to us, the mob ran the music venues in those days: all musicians worked for the mob. He was not bad on civil rights either.

Got some of the showbiz goss, too, of course – at least enough to put some real flesh and blood into the painfully beautiful (or woefully self-pitying) song ‘I’m a fool to want you’. Frank co-wrote the lyrics to the Jack Wolf and Joel Herron song, which was written and first recorded in 1951.

Richard Shelton (Frank) is rightly very highly regarded by critics. His pianist – I didn’t grab a program so don’t have his name – was the bee’s knees. Count Basie’s Orchestra would not have fitted in the venue let alone the stage – and you’d probably have had to pay more than £14.50 for a partial view of the stage (I was upgraded gratis to a better seat, though there weren’t that many spare – thank you -).

I still prefer Sid Vicious’s ‘My Way’ and ‘New York, New York’ doesn’t sell it to me, however many times it’s repeated in the title.

But generally a pretty great evening. I left with a renewed respect for Crooner #1, and more than a little for his interpreters, with some left over too for a fantastic venue. I hope I shall find myself there again soon.


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